• Jehan Lardhi. Responding to child abuse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA): the role of professional training programmes. Supervised by Professor Jenny Pearce and Professor Karen Lyons. PhD.
  • Nenadi Adamu. Young People and the Informal Economy Understanding Their Pathways and Decision-Making Within the Economy. Supervised by Dr Isabelle Brodie and Dr Sarah Wadd. PhD.
  • Karen Cushing. An examination of the admission criteria as a mandatory pre-requisite for diversion from formal prosecution for young people who offend. Supervised by Dr Tim Bateman and Professor John Pitts. ProfDoc.
  • Fiona Factor. Reclaiming youth work: From evidence-based practice to practice-based evidence. Supervised by Professor John Pitts and Dr Helen Beckett. ProfDoc.
  • Poppy Harrison. Assessing the harm inside: a study contextualising boy’s self-harm in custody. Supervised by Dr Tim Bateman and Dr Suzella Palmer. ProfDoc.
  • Nicola Sharp-Jeffs. A lot going on: the links between going missing, forced marriage and child sexual exploitation. Supervised by Professor Jenny Pearce and Dr Helen Beckett. ProfDoc.
  • Nicolas Ward. Critical thinking: The impact of social influence. Supervised by Dr Andrew Clements, Professor Andy Guppy and Dr Nadia Wager. MRes.
  • Robert van Hennik. Practice Based Evidence Based Practice. Navigating complexity in Feedback-informed Systemic Therapy. Supervised by Professor Ravi Kohli and Dr Gail Simon. ProfDoc.
  • Leah Salter. Acts of resistance: A reflexive inquiry into narrative group work with women who have experienced abuse or oppression. Supervised by Dr Gail Simon, Dr Elizabeth Day, Dr Camille Warrington. ProfDoc.
  • Sarah Helps. Responsive pivoting improvisation within practice: exploring systemically-informed first conversations with children and families. Supervised by Dr Chris Papadopoulous and Dr Gail Simon. ProfDoc.
  • Anne Rød. Human Systems in Motion Exploring the application of systemic ideas in teams navigating change. Supervised by Dr Birgitte Pedersen and Professor Ravi Kohli. ProfDoc.
  • Bev Meakin. Patchwork of Practice; helping student counsellors develop coherence in personal and theoretical integration. Supervised by Dr Elizabeth Day and Professor Ravo Kohli. ProfDoc.
  • Karen Leonard. Creating Relationally Reflexive Spaces in Social Care Education. Supervised by Dr Gail Simon and Dr Lisen Kebbe. ProfDoc.
  • Helen Böhme. Moving Stories. Creating a dialogical space for reflexive storytelling about family. Supervised by Dr Patricia Hynes, Dr Gail Simon and Dr Elizabeth Day. ProfDoc.


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