Ethics application process

Ethics Application Process [PDF]

  • All IASR staff and PGR research student projects must receive ethical approval via the IASR Research Institute Ethics Panel

  • Advance notification of ethics application is now required. This should ensure applications are dealt with promptly. Applications should be submitted no later than three weeks after notification.

  • Both advance notification [F1] and full ethics applications [F2] should be submitted electronically on the IASR forms (send to Hemlata Naranbhai at

  • Expedited approval is granted only in exceptional circumstances, i.e. where it has not been possible to submit an application any earlier and work is due to start imminently.

Ethics Review Process Flowchart

Please see the flowchart for an overview of process and timelines. The full suite of forms can be downloaded from Forms page

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Ethics application process flowchart

  1. Submit 'Notifications Form' [F1] three weeks in advance of the full application
  2. Submit full application [F2] three weeks later
  3. Outcome received within three weeks following review of full application [F3]

    There are three possible outcomes:
    1. Application approved
    2. Application requires re-submission
    3. Application rejected

If the application requires re-submission, you can re-submit with revisions. You will receive the outcome of re-submission within two weeks.

If the application is rejected, re-design and repeat process.

A. IASR Staff and Postgraduate Research Student (PGR) ethics process: Guidance for applicants and reviewers

B. UK Data Protection Law (UK DPL)

C. Guidelines for IASR Staff and PGR students during COVID-19

D. IASR Safeguarding children and adults at risk guidance

E. IASR Freedom of information request (FOIR) protocol

F. IASR ethics protocol for the use of internal University of Bedfordshire institutional data in pedagogic and other research


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