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Fri 29 January, 2021
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The University of Bedfordshire has produced a video to shed light on the impact its market-leading research and knowledge exchange has on student progression, the economy and wider community.

Titled ‘Our Research Means Impact’, this short film by the Innovation and Enterprise Service (IES) features interviews with academic researchers and gives a snapshot of just some of the projects the University’s Research Institutes have been involved with. The video demonstrates the positive effects the institution has on the everyday lives of local, regional and global communities, as well as the University’s economic and social contribution to businesses, charities and public sector organisations.

Dr Nicholas Lancaster, Director of IES at the University of Bedfordshire, said: "This video is a great way to illustrate the University’s commitment to leading industrially focused research, whilst contributing to the more human aspect of our regional economy, supporting local communities and beyond."

In this short film, a selection of the Research Institute directors provide a brief insight into why their teams’ research matters to society and what they have learned through taking their studies and findings into local communities, as well as the positive global impacts…

Prof Gurch Randhawa"Our Institute is committed to carrying out real-world health research to inform maximum impact. We do this by generating an evidence-base which can influence policy and practice to improve health services and population health."

Professor Gurch Randhawa – Director, Institute for Health Research (IHR)

Prof Angel Chater"Our research supports public health and psychological wellbeing using behavioural science to address the effect that losing a loved one can have. Through our studies and work we encourage awareness, making it a topic that is less taboo."

Professor Angel Chater – Director, Institute for Sport and Physical Activity Research (ISPAR)

Prof Emily Munro"We are committed to informing policy and practice and the delivery of social care services that contribute to understanding what system changes and approaches to social work help families and safeguard children from harm."

Professor Emily Munro – Director, Institute of Applied Social Research (IASR)

Prof Ram Ramanathan"Our research into reducing food waste shows our commitment to creating a pathway to local, regional and global sustainability by participating in, and supporting efforts using novel and innovative technologies."

Professor Ram Ramanathan – Director, Business and Management Research Institute (BMRI)


By developing the ‘Our Research Means Impact’ video, IES hopes to open up further research opportunities in the future for the University to help make a difference.

Watch the video here:

As recent Covid-19 vaccination developments show, the UK’s universities are hotbeds for important research, economic recovery and innovation. Staff ensure that, where possible, research carried out by the University of Bedfordshire is directly connected to students’ educational experience.

David Hewson, Professor of Health and Ageing with the Institute for Health Research, said: "Instead of presenting students with the knowledge I already I have, I’m constantly teaching my students (and my colleagues) new pieces of knowledge that I’m generating from actively partaking in research projects alongside my teaching."

With the commitment of academic staff and teams from ten specialist Research Institutes, the University of Bedfordshire’s UK Industrial Strategyresearch is led by societal need, and structured around wide-ranging topics, such as Healthy Ageing, Sustainability, Data and AI and Business Productivity, addressed in the UK’s Industrial Strategy – a government initiative which aims to boost productivity by backing businesses to create good jobs and increase the earning power of people with investment in skills, industries and infrastructure.

The University of Bedfordshire’s drive for research and knowledge exchange has stimulated over £100m investment in the past few years and resulted in new learning facilities, including the Luton campus-based STEM Building, a renewable energy research centre and a specialist Postgraduate Centre, as well as Library provisions.

For information about current research projects and past findings on areas including organ donation, cyberstalking, smart city development and the youth justice system, visit:

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