Welcome to the University of Bedfordshire's Women's Network

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About us

Our network is a welcoming and supportive community that is open to all women staff and students at our University. We focus on three main categories which are:

  • employment opportunities
  • health & well-being
  • personal development

We hold events and activities throughout the year designed to support and inform our members on issues and concerns they may have, and campaign on their behalf. We are looking to build a strong and supportive community of women and provide a confidential space where we all feel safe and supported to share issues and concerns. We also work collaboratively with other networks across the University towards common goals and to address common challenges.

Terms of Reference

To view our agreed terms of reference, which are reviewed annually, download the document Women's Network terms of reference [PDF]

Join our Network and Activities

We have an internal team (on MS Teams) where members can share information, ask questions etc., and it is also one of the places where we publish information about forthcoming events. To become a member and be added to the team, please email us at WomensNetwork@beds.ac.uk

We also have a calendar of events, which include events organised by us, as well as other internal and external events which may be of interest.

Everyone is welcome to join our events and activities as we wish to be as inclusive as possible. We acknowledge that other colleagues want to offer us support and learn more about women's issues. All we ask is that you respect and support the safe and welcoming environment we offer for all women.

Steering Group

We are led by our steering group. The details of the officers are:

Jo Coward - Academic Registrar

Dr Nicola Darwood - Senior Lecturer in English Literature


Lorraine David - Visiting Lecturer


(Photo pending)

Pamela Du-Bisette - Health & Safety Advisor

Sadie Hunt - Senior Lecturer in Dance


Dr Ourania Dimitraki - Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Dr Nuzhat Jafari - Lecturer in English Language Learning and Research


Dr Joanne Hill - Senior Lecturer in Physical Education and Sport Sociology

Charalampia Boula - Research Project Officer

Farida Khanum - Applications Support Manager

Contact us

For any suggestions and queries, please contact us by email at WomensNetwork@beds.ac.uk


University switchboard
During office hours
(Monday-Friday 08:30-17:00)
+44 (0)1234 400 400

Outside office hours
(Campus Watch)
+44 (0)1582 74 39 89



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