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The University Court embodies the University's commitment to consultation and openness and exists to play an important role in seeing that the University is responsive to its community and stakeholders.

Objectives of the University Court

The purpose of the University Court is to bring together those who wish:

  • To champion and promote the interests and reputation of the University;
  • To understand and support the University in order to foster, establish and maintain beneficial links between the University and its wider community and society;
  • To act as ambassadors for the University and increase awareness of its achievements, expertise and aspirations locally, regionally, nationally and internationally;
  • To help the University to establish links with employers and organisations to promote and provide opportunities for interactions such as internships, volunteering, research and training and development;
  • To support fundraising activities both for the University in general and for specific initiatives and projects.


The membership of the University Court is determined by the Vice Chancellor.

There is no numerical limit to the number of members who may be appointed to the University Court but membership will not normally exceed 100 members.

The membership of University Court will be composed as follows:

  • Chancellor of the University (Chair) ex officio
  • Vice Chancellor ex officio
  • Chair of the Board of Governors ex officio
  • Members of the University's Board of Governors ex officio

Further members of the University Court will be appointed from among:

  • Members of the House of Lords and House of Commons who have affiliations with the University or the localities of its campus sites;
  • Individuals on whom the University has conferred an Honorary Award;
  • Past members of the Board of Governors and its committees;
  • Distinguished members of the local community;
  • Distinguished individuals representing industry, commerce, the arts, science, the professions, education and the voluntary sector drawn from Bedfordshire , Buckinghamshire and its neighbouring counties;
  • Benefactors and those involved in the University's development and fundraising programme;
  • Other individuals who may be able to contribute to the work of the University;
  • Representatives of the alumni of the University of Bedfordshire.

The University Secretary is Clerk to the University Court.

For queries concerning University Court please contact

The Buzz@Beds - University Court Special Edition 2020 [PDF]


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