Sarfraz Manzoor, University Chancellor

Sarfraz Manzoor

Our University Chancellor, Sarfraz Manzoor, is the ceremonial figurehead for our University. The role of a University Chancellor is an honorary position – they are not involved in our day-to-day business activities but act as an important ambassador for our institution. Our Chancellor carries out formal duties for our University, such as conferring awards at graduation ceremonies and being involved in activities which promote our University to our wider community, advancing our profile and interests, both nationally and internationally.

Sarfraz was born in Pakistan and grew up in Luton. He is a respected author, broadcaster and screen writer who has seen critical acclaim for his writing which has often reflected on identity, belonging and the challenges and opportunities of multiculturalism. Sarfraz gained international recognition when his memoir 'Greetings from Bury Park' (2007), which described his childhood growing up in Luton in a British Pakistani family, was adapted into the 2019 feature film 'Blinded by the Light'.

Sarfraz began his career as a broadcaster and journalist, before scripting and presenting documentaries for BBC television and radio. He is a regular contributor to the Guardian and BBC Radio 4 and a cultural commentator for Newsnight and Saturday Review. In his most recent book 'They', he aims to understand and bridge the antipathy and mistrust between Muslims and non-Muslims, telling us 'we must leave our silos of certainty and get to know people who are different'.

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