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Insurance for employees on University business abroad

The following information is to help you understand the risk and insurance issues when you travel overseas on University business. Travel arrangements should be made through your faculty or department.

The content on this page should be read in conjunction with the policies published on the HR policies page / intranet page, the Travel and off-site activities page of the Health and Safety website and any information relevant for your trip.


Have you:

  • consulted the Control Risks (see below for how to access this service) and the Foreign Office websites and undertaken a full risk assessment?
  • explored, through your GP and sites e.g. the World Health Organization any medical requirements and/or health issues in the country you're travelling to?
  • ensure you take note of the emergency contact details as below.
  • printed and ensured you are carrying the summary of cover information provided by UMAL (the University's insurers)?
  • provided your itinerary, hotel addresses and dates to your line manager?
  • taken copies of your passport and any other documents you risk losing and would need access to in the event of these being lost or stolen?
  • carried out a full risk assessment - DOC 286.0 KB

The Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) publishes Safety in Fieldwork, which provides detailed guidance on planning trips, incident management, communications, fieldwork with disability etc.

Control Risks (CR24) Country Reports and information

The Control Risks database generates risk reports for countries across the world. It is recommended that you consult the Control Risks database for each country you visit, prior to travel, as part of your risk assessment. Please email for details of how to access this service.

Similar advice and forecasts are available through the Foreign Office website

We would urge anyone travelling abroad on University business to use the CR24 service and register both yourself and a University-based contact on CR24's alert service for the country or region you are travelling to so that if there are security issues in the region you are visiting then you will be alerted to these and provided advice should you need to evacuate.

A wide range of booklets containing travel advice is available from the Foreign Office website

Travel cover

UMAL publishes tips for travellers and an overview of cover and services provided to the University in respect of medical rescue or security incidents if you become ill while working overseas. This information should be taken with you when you travel and is available by contacting the University's Legal Office. Please note that our certificate reference is UMAL/063.

If you have a medical condition before you travel, please seek your doctor's advice and approval for you to travel before you leave. If you are travelling in or through the Economic Union, you should carry a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC; formerly E111).

The University also has a policy to cover legal expenses incurred against colleagues abroad in respect of injury, financial loss or criminal proceedings.

Emergency contact numbers

Medical emergencies, contact:

Intana Global

  • From outside the UK: +44 (0)20 7902 7405
  • Fax: +44 (0)20 7928 4748
  • Reference: UMAL/063

Emergency security issues, e.g. terrorism, civil unrest contact:

CR24 – Security and Incident Management (24 hour support and practical advice)

Bedfordshire University

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