Professor Jenny Pearce, OBE

Professor of Young People and Public Policy

Jenny Pearce

Jenny Pearce is Professor of Young People and Public Policy, University of Bedfordshire, which was awarded the Queens Anniversary Prize for research on child sexual exploitation influencing safeguarding in 2013.

Her research and consultancy focuses on preventing sexual violence against children and she works with a range of national and international agencies towards this aim.

She was Founder and director of the Safer Young Lives Research Centre (formerly the International Centre: researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking - 2006 to 2016) and continues to work on research and teaching projects related to safeguarding children and young people. In particular, she is leading the Our Voices University Network, an international network of universities challenging sexual violence against children (

She is a Visiting Professor at Goldsmiths College, University of London and International Senior Research Fellow with the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway, Ireland.

Jenny is an Independent Scrutineer of Local Safeguarding Children Partnerships and is a trustee of The Association of Safeguarding Partners (, working with TASP to assess how Independent Scrutiny of LSCPs is being undertaken. She advises and works with case reviews and workforce development activities in child protection, social and youth work practice.


  • Certificate of Education - Homerton College, Cambridge, 1975-1978
  • Bachelor of Education - Newnham College, Cambridge, 1978-1979
  • MA Sociology: with specific reference to qualitative research. (Part-time) - Goldsmiths College, University of London, 1991-1993
  • PhD Sociology. Thesis title: 'Being young and keeping safe' (Part-time) - Goldsmiths College, University of London, 1994-2002


  • OBE: for ‘work on safeguarding vulnerable children’ 2013
  • Queen’s Anniversary prize for pioneering applied research in child sexual exploitation influencing new safeguarding policy and practice: awarded to The University of Bedfordshire (The International Centre: researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking), 2013
  • Lifetime achievement award 2015: for ‘outstanding contribution’ to research on Child sexual exploitation awarded by The NWG network: tackling child sexual exploitation.
  • The Vice Chancellor’s Student Experience Awards: 2015 For Research Impact of the Year: Bedfordshire University


Books (selected)

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Book Chapters (selected)

  • Wroe, L and Pearce, J (2022 forthcoming) ‘Young people negotiating intra and extra-familial harm and safety: social and holistic approaches’ in Holmes, D ‘Redesigning approaches to safeguarding adolescents. JKP
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Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals (selected)

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