Order of proceedings

The graduation ceremony

Happy graduates

Most graduation ceremonies run along this plan.

  • Student are invited to find their seats 30 minutes before the ceremony starts.
  • Before the ceremony starts the Chief Usher will deliver a safety announcement and give instructions on what happens in the ceremony.
  • The ceremony begins when the congregation stand and the academic procession enters to take their seats.
  • The President will open the ceremony and invite the Vice Chancellor to speak.
  • At the end of his introduction, the Vice Chancellor will invite the University orator to present graduands.
  • The Orator will announce the awards and prizes. At some ceremonies honorary awards are also made. Honorands may make a short speech of acceptance.
  • Students (graduands) are presented in course and alphabetical order. A group of ushers will assist you to be in the right place at the right time. It is important to stay in your seat order while waiting to be presented.
  • Students walk across a stage and shake hands with (or nod to) the three officials on the stage (Vice Chancellor, President and Guest of Honour). Once you have been presented please go directly back to your seat. Prizes will be announced after all awards.
  • The University Orator will introduce a member of the Students' Union to give a Valedictory speech. This concludes the awards presentation.
  • The President will introduce the Guest of Honour, and invite them to speak.
  • After the Guest of Honour's speech the President will close the proceedings. The academic procession will file out, followed by the students. Guests are asked to wait until all students have left before leaving their seats.

We encourage you to whoop, cheer and applaud your fellow graduates as they cross the stage!


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