The University is happy to verify awards of its current students and alumni.

In all instances please provide the relevant signed data protection release from the subject, confirming permission to release their data with your request.

Where an inquiry is being made for legal reasons, a Section 29 form on headed paper is required with the documents and request.

Please send a copy of the item to be confirmed with the attached Data Protection disclaimer.

We regret we are unable to offer information with regard character, to time keeping, and attitudes to staff or relationships with others.

References for current students

References for employment purposes should be directed to our student information desk,

SID can provide student status confirmation letters for employment purposes.

Please include the student reference (ID) number and date of birth in all correspondence.

International students may be limited to the hours they can work by their visa.

References for past graduates

We are only able to supply factual references for our past graduates.

All requests should in include the student’s full name as it was when they studied with us, date of birth, and University of Bedfordshire student ID number.

Requests for verification of certificates or transcripts, please contact

Teaching graduates can email for assistance.

The University is happy to confirm dates of enrolment and award outcomes when relevant signed data protection release is sent with the request.

World Education Services (WES) references please send your enquiry and/or application forms to

We will be in touch clarify any details, and will email once the request has been completed.

References for former member of staff should be directed to the Human Resources department in the first instance.

For information

The University of Bedfordshire was established in August 2006 by order of the Privy Council, following the merger between the University of Luton and De Montfort University’s Bedford campus.

The change of title reflects the merger of the former University of Luton with the Bedford campus of De Montfort University on 1 August 2006. The new name was approved by the Queen, acting on the advice of the Privy Council following an intensive period of consultation.

The University of Bedfordshire is the legal successor to the University of Luton, and its awards have the same standing. University of Luton awards therefore remain, and will continue to remain, valid.


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