About the Business School

Our Vision

To be known for taking global business education, research and practice in imaginative new directions

Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition to our students and other stakeholders is driven by the School and University's vision and aims.

To develop creative mindsets that practise intelligently and lead imaginative futures for our campuses, communities and cities.

Why Us?

Our view on business education is international and practice driven. Business practitioners face problems unique to their organisations which are often complex and ambiguous – particularly in the context of global/international issues. Theoretical academic models may not always apply. It is here that practice intelligence becomes important.

To succeed, they use their knowledge and experience taken from practice and from the practice of others. This knowledge base is often unclear and highly context-sensitive. It is this thinking that underpins our core philosophy and that transforms the nature of courses and the kind of research focus the Business School takes. You benefit as we strive to:

  • Develop creative thinkers, intelligent practitioners and designers of futures
  • Develop applied research skills and mindsets in our graduates as future practitioners
  • Embed a nuanced understanding of international practice in our curriculum
  • Deliver a superior and distinctive student experience
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University of Bedfordshire Business School
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MBA enquiries

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