Capstone Projects

We run a number of courses in disciplines such as business systems, marketing, law, finance, and event, tourism and project management.  As part of these courses, students work closely with local SMEs to offer ideas and solutions to real-world business problems. These projects offer students either:

  • The experience of working on a placement within a UK company


  • The experience of undertaking a live project on behalf of the client organisation based at our Luton campus.

Our Capstone Projects have enabled many students to build their multi -disciplinary ‘real-world’ skill sets by working alongside businesses to give them hands on experience in planning, resource management, communication and leadership skills, whilst also supporting the business to overcome an issue. 

Both the placement and in-house projects run for no more than 12 weeks during which time students support ongoing organisation activities with a view to producing a report capable of reaching Master degree level 7. 

Projects are realistic (i.e. they should be achievable within eight working weeks, followed by four weeks of academic study and project write-up, including methodology, outcomes and obstacles to overcome). 


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