Undergraduate Summer School

Success Intervention Team is inviting all Business School's undergraduate year one (L4) and year two (L5) students to identify their knowledge gaps and areas of weakness, and learn how to use university support services to address them.

We want to create confident, success-orientated, and well-prepared students at L4 moving to L5 and students at L5 moving to L6.

Online workshops

We are offering four online workshops during the w/c 19 July.

Download the complete schedule of Undergraduate Summer School workshops [PDF]

Monday 19 July 1.00pm-3.00pm

The first workshop will be about the third year undergraduate experience, how it is structured and what is its impact for the students’ future career prospects.

This will also expand on the importance of the third-year dissertation.

Join Workshop 1 on the specified date and time here

Wednesday 21 July 1.00pm-3.00pm

This workshop is for L4 students and will explore the differences you can expect as students transitioning from L3 to L4 and then L5, and how your expectations will change.

The workshop will also cover dealing with failing an assignment, using University resources, and advice from Careers and Employability.

Join Workshop 2a on the specified date and time here

Wednesday 21 July 1.00pm-3.00pm

The second workshop is for L5 students and will explain the importance of research in the undergraduate experience and how research links to both the dissertation and the life after university.

Another important component of this workshop would be to understand the dissertation process, structure and supervisory support.

Join Workshop 2b on the specified date and time here

Thursday 22 July 1.00pm-3.00pm

The third workshop will focus on practical understanding of services within the university.

This will be combined with a workshop on McGraw Hill Connect and the utilisation of the Study Hub resources.

Join Workshop 3 on the specified date and time here

Friday 23 July 1.00pm-3.00pm

The fourth workshop will focus on the assessment cycle, and the process of referral and retake.

This will be complemented with a session on feedback, its importance for students’ learning, types of feedback and its relation to assessments.

Join Workshop 4 on the specified date and time here


Please email Yelena Khegay at yelena.khegay@beds.ac.uk to register or if you have any questions.



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