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Terms and Conditions 2018/19

Foundation Year Degree Bursary – 2018/19

  • Students will be UK/EU (UK domiciled) students who are not on an NHS-funded course, on a full time four year integrated degree with foundation year.
  • You will not be eligible for the bursary if you subsequently interrupt your course to a later academic year.
  • Payments will be made in two instalments throughout the first academic year 2018/19. This bursary is for the first year only and it is not continuous. If students progress to year 1 in 2019/20, they will receive the normal Welcome Package of £300 Your Beds Money Card and £50 print credit.
  • Applicants may hold an additional sports scholarship in conjunction to the Foundation Degree Year Bursary.
  • Scholarships/bursaries will be awarded only to students who are fully registered at the University for the 2018/19 academic year.
  • Prior to registration the University will contact applicants using the email address provided by their UCAS application. To change this address please contact UCAS.
  • Once registered the University will also contact the student using the University student email account, and it is the student's responsibility to check this account regularly for important information regarding the payment of their scholarship/bursary.
  • Successful students must maintain an appropriate standard of behaviour throughout their course of study at the University of Bedfordshire. If a recipient does not meet the appropriate standard of behaviour and the bursary is withdrawn from that individual it will not be offered to another student from that cohort.
  • Students may be required on occasion to represent the student body and assist the University to publicise its activities and work with the University in promoting its successes and seeking other financial support.
  • Bursary recipients may be invited to attend university events promoting the value of scholarships and are expected to attend. The University may decide to publicise the names of those who receive scholarships or advise a specific donor of the successful recipients of a particular award.
  • The University reserves the right to withhold instalments if scholarship/bursary holders withdraw, interrupt, not attend or otherwise do not progress satisfactorily with their studies.
  • Bursary holders must remain in good financial standing with the University
  • The Vice Chancellor will make any judgements required regarding the granting of bursaries and scholarships on an exceptional basis to students who claim to have mitigating circumstances. Requests should be sent to the Senior Student Money Advisor in the first instance.
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