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The Quality & Standards department is one of the teams within Academic Registry.

We develop principles and processes relating to quality assurance and enhancement, in consultation with stakeholders from across the University, that take account of external requirements and institutional priorities.

We are responsible for the implementation and oversight of centrally managed activities, and for supporting faculties in the execution of their responsibilities.

Q&S provides expert advice and guidance to colleagues, both in person and through a range of training materials.

Liz Grant

Head of Quality
T: +44 (0)1582 743369 ext. 3369
E: elizabeth.grant@beds.ac.uk

Responsible for managing the Quality & Standards team and the implementation of all centrally-driven quality assurance procedures across on-campus activities and those undertaken with collaborative partners.

Joanne Williams

Interim Assessment and Regulations Manager
T: 01582 489384
E: joanne.williams@beds.ac.uk

Responsible for maintaining and reviewing the Academic Regulations and facilitating Boards on behalf of the University.

Calista Strange

Senior Quality Officer
T: +44 (0)1582 489047 ext. 9047
E: calista.strange@beds.ac.uk

Responsible for facilitating the course approval and periodic review process (E&S, UBBS, Majan College) and secretary to Portfolio Strategy and Planning Group (PSPG).

Nathan Spencer

Senior Quality Officer
T: +44 (0)1582 743892 ext. 3892
E: nathan.spencer@beds.ac.uk

Responsible for facilitating the course approval and periodic review process (CATS and HSS); secretary to the Annual Monitoring Task Group (AMTG).

Jane Harris

Quality Officer (Monitoring and Enhancement)
E: jane.harris@beds.ac.uk

Responsible for supporting monitoring and enhancement activities within the department to drive process improvement; secretary to the Course Approvals Task Group (CATG) and Periodic Review Task Group (PRTG).

Becky Ashton

Quality Officer (Academic Information)
T: +44 (0)1582 489191 ext. 9191
E: becky.ashton@beds.ac.uk

Responsible for facilitating the course and unit modification process, maintaining a definitive course and unit record by implementing procedures regarding course and unit modifications, and ensuring the accuracy of public information regarding the University’s course offering.

Debbie Briggs

Quality Officer (External Engagement)
T: +44 (0)1582 743405 ext. 3405
E: debbie.briggs@beds.ac.uk

Responsible for liaising with faculty-based accredited course contacts concerning the recognition of University awards by professional bodies; maintaining central records of PSRB accreditations; secretary to PSRB Monitoring Sub-Group; administering the TQSC Exceptions Panel.

Marina Fryer

Quality Officer (External Examiners)
T: +44 (0)1582 743 496 ext. 3496
E: marina.fryer@beds.ac.uk

Responsible for providing quality assurance and administration related to external examination, including the annual External Examiners conference and secretary to the External Examiners Committee (EEC).

Robyn Warner

Quality Officer (Collaborative Partnerships)
T: +44 (0)1582 743398 ext. 3398
E: robyn.warner@beds.ac.uk

Responsible for facilitating institutional approval and review events at collaborative partners; maintaining the collaborative register; responsible for facilitating the short course and apprenticeship modification approval process.

Caroline Bandcroft

Faculty Quality Officer
T: 01582 489023
E: caroline.bandcroft@beds.ac.uk

Responsible for providing administrative support and guidance to UoB Business School in all matters regarding quality and assurance. Secretary to Faculty Teaching and Quality and Standards committee.

Pauline Gray

Faculty Quality Officer
T: 01234 793298
E: pauline.gray@beds.ac.uk

Responsible for Supporting the Faculty of Education, English and Sport in all matters regarding quality assurance including external examiner appointments for the Faculty, approvals and reviews, course and unit information and servicing the Faculty Teaching and Quality and Standards committee.

Charlotte Fyfe

Faculty Quality Officer


Responsible for providing administrative support and guidance to Faculty of Health and Social Sciences in all matters regarding quality and assurance. Secretary to Faculty Teaching and Quality and Standards committee.

Jenny Small

Administrator (Quality Assurance)
T: +44 (0)1582 489706 ext. 9706
E: jenny.small@beds.ac.uk

Responsible for supporting the central administration of quality assurance arrangements; providing administrative and logistical support to the course approval and periodic review process; processing contract and expenses payments to external panel members; and assisting with the creation and maintenance of course and unit related information held in the student record system (SITS).


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