Budgeting for Sustainability

University Sustainability Budgets

To support its work on sustainability, the University of Bedfordshire has three distinct budgets.

Capital Budget

Since 2008 the University of Bedfordshire has invested £3.6m capital in its Decarbonisation Program, the capital budget is not restricted to carbon reduction, but can be invested in assets that support the Sustainable Development Strategy and the Environment Policy

Revenue Budget

Every year since 2013/14 the University has set aside a ring-fenced revenue budget for sustainability, however, every year additional sustainability spend takes place across the University.

In the financial year of 2022/23 a budget of £25,000 has been approved.

The income from the Feed In Tariff from generating energy from solar panels, is also ring-fenced for use by the Sustainability Steering Group.

The average annual income from the Feed In Tariff is approximately £8,000.

Budget for Student and Staff Sustainability Projects

The University makes available three independant funds.

Sustainability Budget

Students and staff are able to request funding for sustainability projects via the Sustainability Steering Group. Examples of student and staff projects funded via the University's sustainability budget:

  • BedsSU - Lift Sticker Campaign (2017)
  • Staff - Beekeeping Project (2018)
  • BedsSU - Recycling Stickers for bins (2018)
  • Sustainability Forum - UN Sustainable Development Goals Conference (2019)
  • Beds SU Environment Society - Reverse Vending (2020)

Beds Talks

The University will support up to six Beds Talks a year, with up to £1,500 available per event. Rooms will be provided for free; funds may be spent on speaker expenses, refreshments, event publicity and activities to support engagement in the event.

Bids for Beds

Bid for Beds invites staff to submit proposals for a share of £50,000, aimed at making small-scale changes that have the potential to benefit the staff experience. This is a chance to be creative and innovative about how staff can change their workplace for the better.

Salix Finance

Since 2008 the University of Bedfordshire has participated and continues to participate in the Salix Finance Revolving Green Fund (RGF)

RGF is a pot of money solely for investment in carbon reduction projects with an eight year (or less) return on capital employed.

The University's RGF is a match funded budget to the total of £500,000 comprising funding from both Salix Finance and the University.

The Salix funded carbon reduction projects result in financial savings on the gas and electricity budgets. The savings are then re-invested in other energy efficiency projects in subsequent years.

Higher Education Funding Council of England Revolving Green Fund Round Three (RGF III)

The University was successful in securing £468,000 funding for carbon reduction.

Salix Energy Efficiency Loans (SEELS)

The University participated in the Salix Finance SEELS scheme, and secured a £782,000 interest free, repayable loan. This was invested in a Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) at its Bedford campus. The CHP project was completed in November 2016 at a total cost of £850,000.

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