Environmental Management Systems

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Environmental Management Systems (EMS) are a systematic and comprehensive method of documenting and reducing an organisation's environmental impacts.

One of the most important functions of an EMS is to reduce an organisations impact on the environment.

This was one of the reasons for the University of Bedfordshire electing to implement an EMS across all of its campuses.

The University had previously chosen to implement an EMS that was aligned with the British Standard for Environmental Management Systems.

The name of this standard is BS EN 8555:2003 and the University had been certified to this standard since 2013.

In 2019, the University moved to Eco-Campus which is more widely recognised within the Higher Education Sector.


"EcoCampus is a national Environmental Management System (EMS) and award scheme for the higher education sector. The scheme allows universities to be recognised for addressing key issues of environmental sustainability, including carbon reduction." ecocampus.uk

The University re-gained external certification of Eco-Campus Platinum on 16th Feb 2023.

Eco Campus Certification

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