Staff Environmental Champions

All units and stakeholder groups within the University community have dedicated Environmental Champions (EC). They serve to enable sound environmental behaviours and practices across all the University's campuses, ensuring that the University achieves its Sustainable Development Strategy targets.

Their informal roles include to:

  1. Promote environmental practices that reduce energy and resource consumption and the environmental impacts of behaviours and workplace activities;
  2. Identify and discuss new ideas to reduce the environmental impact of the operations and practices within their Schools, Departments, Faculty and professional service areas, feeding back suggestions to the Sustainability Steering Group;
  3. Attend meetings with other ECs, and University wide events, to share and disseminate information on good practices and initiatives underway in their respective units of the University.

Please support your local Environmental Champion and contact them with any ideas you may have for advancing our sustainability practices. We welcome your suggestions.

Representing Sustainability Champion

Vice Chancellors Executive Group

Rosalind Lowe (Chair of Sustainability Steering Group)

Student Representative

Kimberley Grant

Facilities, Estates and Accommodation

Alistair Burg-Broquere (Director of Facilitites and Estates)

Adam Higgin

Centre for Learning Excellence

Dr Diana Pritchard

Luton Borough Council Carol Thomas
BedsSU George Cowan


Martin Thurlow


David Green (Media and Performance)

Reader Services Clair Belmar

Linda McCulloch

Faculty of Creative Arts, Technology and Science

Dr Tamara Ashley (Media and Performance)

Noel Douglas (Art and Design)

Amanda Egbe (Culture and Communication)

David Jazani (Computer Science and Technology)

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

Dr Helen Connolly (Sociology)

Stephan Bilham (Healthcare Practice)

Faculty of Education and Sport Science

Peter Craig (Sports Science)

Dr Perry Knight (Education)

University of Bedfordshire Business School

Dr Yongmei Bentley (Strategy and Management)

Dr Mohamed Saeudy (Accounting and Finance)

Dr Caroline Tie (International Business, Marketing and Tourism)

Dr Sarah Williams (Strategy and Management)


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