The University is committed to advance and embed education for sustainability adopting the framework of the UN SDGs in its Transforming Bedfordshire, Education and Student Experience Strategy and Sustainability Strategy.

The University recognises:

  • the imperative to develop competences relating to sustainability to enable graduates to work in and shape organisations, entrepreneurship and communities in contexts of the uncertainty of environmental, climatic and social change.
  • that alignment with the UN SDGs provides a comprehensive international framework to position and articulate the contributions of our education and research activities and to evaluate out impacts.
  • that professions, employers and governments increasingly require graduates who can support the transition to low carbon economies and contribute to reduce social equalities.

Education for sustainability is advanced at Bedfordshire through curriculum enhancement processes, course approval and periodic review processes, teaching innovations, the Sustainability Forum and via University-wide events that bring together internal and external stakeholders and focus on key global challenges/ SDGs. It is reported to monitored via the Employability Working Group to the Education and Student Experience Delivery Board.

Our approaches and activities reflect HE sector best practices. They are supported and coordinated by the Centre for Learning Excellence, are informed by the curriculum framework, are shaped by the creativity of academics and students from the Sustainability Forum

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