A group of students and staff in front of Target Zero banner

The University is committed to embedding the challenges of sustainability into its education offering provision specifically, in the Education and Student Experience Strategy, where our dedication is voiced:

“..Students will be actively engaged in real-world challenges, working with the community, employers and researchers to define challenges and collaboratively problem solve to enable students and the University to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.”

Through the University's sustainable initiatives, including the implementation of the University of Bedfordshire Business School’s membership of the UN Principle of Responsible Management and the Curriculum Framework Review 2023, we aim to:

“...Strengthen the emphasis on inclusivity, employability, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and well-being.“

Our priorities and approaches also reflect HE sector best practices and are further; supported by the Academy for Learning & Teaching Excellence; informed by the curriculum framework, Student Experience Strategy and Sustainability Strategy [PDF]; and shaped by the creativity of academics and students from the Sustainability Network.

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