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BedsSU Awarded 'Excellent' standard NUS 'Green Impact Award'

"Green Impact is a United Nations award-winning programme designed to support environmentally and socially sustainable practice in your organisation."
Source: National Union of Students

"Green Impact is a learning and awards programme that supports environmentally and socially sustainable practice within organisations. It suggests what people can do in their workplace to make a difference and guides them how to do this in an accessible but meaningful way, creating a widespread culture of sustainability.

Green Impact follows a cyclical process over approximately 12 months, which can be adapted to suit the needs, objectives, and culture of the organisations we work with. Teams will form across your organisation to take practical steps towards sustainability, challenge unsustainable processes, enhance their knowledge on sustainability, and gain local and national recognition for their progress." Source: National Union of Students

Green Impact certificate

The University engages with the student body, and its representatives in the BedsSU, to advance sustainability through a variety of institutionalized and informal processes and activities.

Energy and Recycling

Every year the University participates in a nationwide higher education sector scheme, run by the National Union of Students (NUS)

We take part in two schemes; the "Student Switch Off Campaign" and the "Interhall Recycling Scheme".

These schemes are run across 100% of the University’s accommodation including all of the privately owned accommodation.

The University has participated in NUS student engagement activities for several years.

Environmental Policy and Strategy

Through the University's regular Sustainability Steering Group, students and the Students' Union (BedsSU) are openly invited to review and comment on our environmental policy and strategies.

The following documents have been reviewed and approved by members of the SSG.

  • Carbon Management Plan
  • Ethical Investment Policy
  • Environment Policy
  • Sustainable Development Strategy

All members of the student body are invited to review and comment on environmental policy and strategies (above) by contacting BedsSU.

Co- and extra-curriculum offerings

The University now offers two optional units to all students who want to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in sustainability. In the face of the challenges of changing and uncertain futures, this unit aims to prepare students for future careers and work scenarios.

Sustainability Forum

Academics are encouraged to bring along students they see as interested in the topic.
Information about the forum is circulated through student distributions.

Sustainability unit

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