Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Generation

Since 2009 the University of Bedfordshire has been generating its own renewable energy for use on campus. The University does not export any of its renewable electricity generation.

Renewable Energy Contracts

The University purchases all of its electricity from the Ofgem regulated REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin scheme) certified supplies. REGO certified electricity contracts give the University certainty that 100% of its electricity is backed by renewable electricity generation such as wind and solar farms.

Photo-voltaic Solar Panels

All of the University's renewable energy generation comes from Solar Panels, the University also uses Combined Heat and Power Plants at Bedford and Luton to generate electricity, but this is considered to be low carbon.

There are currently four solar panel installations at the University with a fifth due for completion in early 2019.

  1. Luton Campus Centre - 3 Kw Installed in November 2009
  2. Luton Post Graduate Centre - 36 Kw Installed February 2013
  3. Bedford Gateway Building -24 Kw Installed November 2014
  4. Luton Library - 51 Kw Installed July 2016
  5. Luton STEM Building - 43 Kw Installed June 2019

The University has 157 kilowatt capacity of renewable energy generating solar panels. To date (1st June 2019) existing solar panels have produced more than 435,000 kilowatt hours of renewable energy since November 2010.

Photo - Post-Graduate Centre

Solar Panels on Postgraduate Centre

Photo - Luton Campus Centre

Campus Centre Solar Panels

Photo - Luton Campus Library

Luton Library Solar Panels


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