Stakeholder Engagement

All our sustainability policies and strategies are opened up to stakeholder consultation via the Sustainability Steering Group, the minutes relating to the last stakeholder consultation opportunity can be found at the bottom of the page

The University of Bedfordshire conducts a sustainability steering group meeting every two months throughout the calendar year, the membership of this meeting includes most stakeholders of the University.

Sustainability Steering Group

Terms of Reference

  1. To represent key University of Bedfordshire stakeholders, co-ordinating and strengthening synergies between their corresponding sustainability activities.
  2. To oversee the implementation of the Sustainability Strategy and Environment Policy.
  3. To identify and propose future strategic directions.
  4. To review progress in the Green League and propose actions associated with it and other matrices.
  5. To capture and respond to feedback on sustainability issues raised by sectors of the University community.
  6. To review the Environmental Management Systems (EMS) processes and procedures, and to have an oversight on the implementation and continued development and improvement of the Eco-Campus EMS.


Name Role in Group
Rosalind Lowe (Vice Chancellors Executive Group) Chair
Alistair Brug Broqure Senior Management Representative
Kimberley Grant Student Representative
David Green University and College Union (UCU)
Martin Thurlow UNISON - Public Service Union
Carol Thomas Luton Borough Council (Local Community Engagement)
Diana Pritchard (Principal Curriculum Developer, CLE) Curriculum development
Adam Higgin (Head of Sustainability, Estates) Convening and distribution of papers
George Cowan (BedsSU Green Champion) Representation of Student body
David Jazani (Computer Science and Technology) Faculty Representative - Creative Arts Technologies and Science (CATS)
Dr Perry Knight (Education) Faculty Representative - Education and Sport (ES)
Dr Helen Connolly (Sociology) Faculty Representative - Health and Social Sciences (HSS)
Dr Mohamed Saeudy (Accounting and Finance) Faculty Representative - Bedfordshire Business School (UBBS)

If you have any contribution to make to the sustainability agenda, please contact a member of the steering group or contact the group convenor - Adam Higgin on 01582 743 835.

Dates of 2018/19 meetings

  • 17th September 2018 Meeting Room 1 The Atrium, Luton, LU1 3BE.
  • 12th November 2018 Meeting Room 1 the Atrium, Luton, LU13BE.
  • 14th January 2019 Meeting Room 1 the Atrium, Luton, LU13BE.
  • 11th March 2019 Meeting Room 1 The Atrium, Luton, LU1 3BE.
  • 113th May 2019 Meeting Room 1 The Atrium, Luton, LU1 3BE.
  • 15th July 2019 Meeting Room 1 The Atrium, Luton, LU1 3BE.

People and Planet 1st award class University League 2019

Eco Campus Platinum Award for Environmental Management System

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