2021-26 Strategy - Transforming Bedfordshire

Sustainability and our 2021-26 Strategy

In our strategy the University documents one of our nine ambitious key goals - "SUSTAINABILITY".

Environmental sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals will inform our strategy and actions. We have a strong and evidenced commitment to environmental sustainability.

Transforming Bedfordshire Strategy 2021-2026

Our strategy for 2021-2026 represents our shared ambition for the University over the next five years and sets out our vision to be a vibrant and ambitious academic community, celebrating diversity and the transformative power of education.

Featuring nine ambitious goals to ‘Transform Bedfordshire’, our strategy will build on our strengths, address our developing areas and open up new opportunities for our staff and students.

People and Planet 1st award class 2021 - 2022 University League

We are A Fair Trade University 2019

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Eco Campus Platinum Award for Environmental Management System

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