Sustainability Team

Adam Higgin

Head of Sustainability

Adam Higgin

Adam has been working in various sustainability practitioner roles since 2003 and has worked as the University's sustainability lead since September 2009.

His main focus is on climate change mitigation through carbon reduction, energy efficiency, resource efficiency, waste management and the implementation of Eco-Campus Platinum an externally certified Environmental Management System.

T: 01582 743 835

Dr Diana Pritchard

Principal Curriculum Developer at the Centre for Learning Excellence

Diana Pritchard

Diana advocates the need for higher education provision to be relevant in preparing graduates for the challenges that are unfolding in our climatic, environmental and social worlds.

She is academic lead for strategic curriculum priorities and works collaboratively across disciplines with academics and the student body to advance initiatives on employability, and diversity and inclusivity. Her approach to promote education for sustainability - by harnessing the creativity of colleagues and students through the Sustainability Forum - has established innovative practices across the University which immerse students in understanding and seeking solutions to key global challenges.

She works on a long-term contract (2017-23) for the Department for International Development which involves her researching and evaluating higher education practices which effectively prepare students for challenges of the 21st Century. This is disseminated internationally

T: 01582 743945

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Dr Mohamed Saeud

Portfolio Leader for PG Accounting, Finance, Economics and Human Resources Management

Dr Mohamed Saeud

Mohamed is the Faculty Lead of the University of Bedfordshire Business School for the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME). He supports staff and student to engage in activities relating to PRME’s UK chapter and the UN Global Compact initiative. This will include advancing engagement with sustainability, ethics, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals in education and research and monitoring and reporting on the progress. His election to the UK Chapter of PRME’s steering committee was approved by the national AGM of business schools in June 2022

T: 01582 743694

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George Cowan

Green Champion & Academic Representation Coordinator

George Cowan

George is the Green Champion at Beds SU, a role designed to promote and encourage sustainability across all aspects of the Students’ Union, student body and the University.

Through the promotion of student led initiatives such as Go Green Week and Fairtrade Fortnight, George is able to empower students to get involved with sustainability on a wider scale.

George also sits on university meeting such as the Sustainability Steering Group and the Fairtrade Steering Group to ensure the student voice is heard.

George is also the lead on the NUS Green Impact submission, a sustainability audit where Beds SU recently picked up a ‘Good’ certification.”

T: 01582 743586

Kimberley Grant


Kimberley is the student representative on the University's Sustainability Steering Group, and also a member of the Beds SU Environment Society.


Adeby Fonseca & Lianne Bishop

Student Volunteers

Lianne and Adeby

Lianne and Adeby are committed to work in collaboration with other academics from the University’s Sustainability Forum, to organise university-wide activities focused on international human rights, migration and climate change.

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