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Sustainability Forum

Finalist collaborative award for teaching excellence 2017

The Sustainability Forum is a dedicated cross-disciplinary community which shares teaching practices and organises to engage the University in education that enables students to construct healthy futures for themselves, their communities and the planet.

It is coordinated by Dr Diana Pritchard of the Centre for Learning Excellence.

Human Rights & Migration: movement, settlement & peace 2019

  • Wednesday 6th March 2019
  • 9.00am – 6:30pm
  • University of Bedfordshire
  • Luton campus, Postgraduate Centre

Our multi-disciplinary Sustainability Forum is holding another university-wide event at our Luton campus. This will deepen knowledge and understandings of the contexts and extent of forced migration & human rights atrocities and abuses occurring in different regions across the globe.

This will involve students and academics from disciplines in all faculties. Former survivors of war and violations, representatives from local and national organisations, and local Councilors will join us. Collectively we will learn about and explore the reporting on and the consequences for individuals, families and our transnational communities. Through interactive and participatory sessions, we will identify key challenges and actions, which shine an authentic light on events, respond to needs, and create connections of solidarity.

Human Rights and Migration

Climate Change: Negotiations, actions & movement 2017

Over 122 people (including 90 UG students from over six disciplines, together with academics, civic organisations, and local and international dignitaries) attended this event which created a dynamic learning experience for everyone.nIt involved simulated learning, incorporating the materials and software developed by Climate Interactive

Credits: BedsTV, School of Culture & Communications (Anthony Greenbank, Lucy Hunt and Chloe Slocombe).

The event focussed on discussions from practitioners on mitigations and adaptations to climate change in specialist workshops, and closed with a final plenary on Youth Action

Credit: Daniella Martins, UG student, School of Culture & Communications

Climate Change event from November 2016

Bringing in representatives from public, private and community organisations, this event involved over 170 people in participatory activities which explored current trends and impacts of climate change, and identified the areas for cross disciplinary, sector and generational collaborations.

Students gained knowledge and understandings about climate change and its relevance to their future work and lives.

Our events build on practices which are piloted and evaluated for learning impact and student experience.

Sustainability Forum activities


Since 2016 we have designed and implemented University-wide events to involve students, staff and representatives of civic, public and private institutions in experiential, simulated and real-life learning.


An open meeting will be held on Wednesday 21st January 2018 to discuss the future direction and scope of the Sustainability Forum as an active force for teaching, research and curriculum innovations.

We meet at least twice a year - PDF 932.6 KB , on 1st June 2017 - PDF 68.7 KB and 21st September 2016 - PDF 179.4 KB . Staff and students open meeting 13 September 2017 - PDF 99.2 KB . For more information please email Diana Pritchard at

Teaching Excellence

We celebrate that our dedicated community is valued for having shaped the institutional agenda. Academic participation is recognised within the Professional Teaching Scheme

In recognition of their effective work, core members of the Sustainability Forum were nominated by the University for the prestigious HEA Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence.

Group of staff

(Left to right: Dr Nicolas Worsfold, Biological Science; Dr Diana Pritchard, Centre for Learning Excellence; Dr Helen Connolly, Sociology; Dr Tamara Ashley, Dance Performance; David Jazani, Construction)

Research activities

Founding and core members collaborate in research activities including; conference papers and publications

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