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The International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking
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Evaluation, Training and Consultancy

The International Centre is committed to increasing understanding of, and improving responses to, child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking in local, national and international contexts through high quality applied social research and evidence-based engagement in theory, policy and practice discourse.

One of the ways that we fulfill our commitment to engagement in policy and practice discourse is through our engagement in evaluation, training and consultancy work. We employ a range of different staff and methods of work to ensure that what we deliver is adaptable to your needs and interests. Our priority is to make sure that outcomes from our work are useful to you, your service users and stakeholders.


International Centre staff have significant experience in undertaking evaluations of both policy and practice based initiatives in the fields of child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking, with particular expertise in realist evaluations and participatory evaluative methods.

If you are interested in commissioning the International Centre to undertake an evaluation of your service and/or policies, please contact Helen Beckett at


We offer a series of short courses throughout the year (see blog for details). We also deliver bespoke half, full day and multi-day training packages on the following topics:

  • CSE
  • peer-on-peer abuse
  • other forms of sexual violence in adolescence
  • child trafficking
  • participation of children and young people
  • research methodologies
  • researching sensitive issues and engaging marginalised populations

For further information please contact Helen Beckett at


Staff at the International Centre offer a wide range of consultancy services around policy and practice responses to child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking, and approaches to researching this field. For further information, please contact Helen Beckett at


Staff are also available for keynote presentations at conferences, dependent on availability. Please contact Helen Beckett at if you are interested in having a member of staff speak at your conference.

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Evaluation, Training and Consultancy