Our Voices

Working together with children and young people

  • Developing and supporting a pan-European network of youth advisors
  • Supporting a number of youth-led activities that will explore the scale, nature, and impact of sexual violence
  • Identifying opportunities and events for young people to share their work and views

Working together with projects

  • Collaborating with projects to develop participatory work with children at risk of or affected by sexual violence
  • Documenting learning on engaging with young people affected by sexual violence through participatory activities

Developing resources

  • Developing a database of projects
  • Creating a knowledge bank of resources, models and tools on young people's participation to prevent sexual violence against children
  • Promoting learning and debate through online exchanges and workshops

For further information on this project see the Our Voices Programme - www.our-voices.org.uk or contact Claire Cody at claire.cody@beds.ac.uk


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University of Bedfordshire
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