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Four films on gang-associated sexual violence and exploitation

Made by young people for their peers, professionals and policy makers

We worked with young people from eight different youth projects across England to produce a series of films about what needs to be done to address the issues of gang-associated sexual violence and exploitation.

The young people took charge of these films – first with workshops to explore the issues and then scripting and scheduling each film. They had control over the content, how the films were made and were actively involved in the editing process.

The result is four powerful short films made in partnership with Latimer Creative Media.

It's wrong but you get used to it [PDF]

I Define Me

Manchester Active Voices/Community Change Foundation

A film by young women from Manchester Active Voices shot over five days in October 2012.

I Define Me shares their views and experiences of growing up in gang-affected areas.


Enthusiasm, Derby

The following short film shows young men and their youth worker engaged in the Enthusiasm project, an initiative for young people in gang-associated areas.

It presents their ideas for supporting other young men to leave gangs.

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City United and St George’s Hub Birmingham

A film by a group of young women from City United and St George's Hub shot over five days in August 2012.

It is part of their response to issues associated with young women, gangs, sex and relationships.

Love, Sex, Conflict

Jigsaw 4U, Alford House, NSPCC, London

A film by a group of young people from different areas in London shot over two weeks in August 2013.

Love, Sex, Conflict is their response to issues associated with young women and men, gangs, sex and relationships.

Report - "It's wrong - but you get used to it"

A qualitative study of gang-associated sexual violence towards, and exploitation of, young people in England. A report commissioned by the Office of the Children's Commissioner's Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups.


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