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Short Films for Practice - CSE Research

These 12 films are aimed at anyone who wants to access learning from the latest research on child sexual exploitation (CSE), in a short accessible form.

The films share the findings of a range of studies undertaken by researchers in ‘The International Centre: Researching Child Sexual Exploitation, Violence and Trafficking’ at the University of Bedfordshire, as well as drawing on wider CSE literature.

Most of the films are under two minutes long. They can be watched in the office, shared with colleagues or friends, or used in training contexts.

Each film is accompanied by a short briefing document that outlines the evidence in more detail, with references and links to the original research, and questions for reflection.

If you found these films helpful, or have suggestions for future topics or ways we can share our research please get in touch by emailing Samantha Wilson

1. "10 key facts about child sexual exploitation" Dr Helen Beckett

Research Briefing Note #1 - PDF 204.5 KB

2. "Child sexual exploitation: a social model of consent" Professor Jenny Pearce, OBE

Research Briefing Note #2 - PDF 405.1 KB

3. "Peer-on-peer child sexual exploitation" George Curtis

Research Briefing Note #3 - PDF 382.6 KB

4. "Gang associated sexual exploitation and violence" Dr Helen Beckett

Research Briefing Note #4 - PDF 363.4 KB

5. "Safeguarding teenagers from sexual exploitation and violence outside the home" Carlene Firmin, MBE

Research Briefing Note #5 - PDF 399.4 KB

6. "What young people affected by sexual exploitation have told us about the support they want from you" Fiona Factor

Research Briefing Note #6 - PDF 375.2 KB

7. "Raising community awareness of child sexual exploitation" Dr Kate D’Arcy

Research Briefing Note #7 - PDF 356.0 KB

8. "Parents as partners in safeguarding children from sexual exploitation" Roma Thomas

Research Briefing Note #8 - PDF 385.7 KB

9. "Managing child sexual exploitation workers in multi-agency teams" Dr Julie Harris

Research Briefing Note #9 - PDF 392.2 KB

10. "Making justice work for victims and witnesses in child sexual exploitation cases" Dr Camille Warrington

Research Briefing Note #10 - PDF 382.1 KB

11. "Multi-dimensional safety for children in care affected by sexual exploitation" Dr Lucie Shuker

Research Briefing Note #11 - PDF 386.7 KB

12. "Successful reintegration for separated children" Claire Cody

Research Briefing Note #12 - PDF 391.6 KB

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Short Films for Practice - CSE Research