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The International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking
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Completed Projects

  1. Being Heard collecting and reviewing international evidence on young people’s involvement in research on sexual violence – including a consideration of the meaning, purpose, challenges and opportunities of doing so.
  2. Life Skills, Leadership and Limitless Potential Supporting children and young people affected by sexual violence in Europe by strengthening and facilitating participatory practice. November 2017.
  3. Making Noise: Children’s voices for positive change after sexual abuse, commissioned by the Children’s Commissioner for England and published on 20 April 2017.
  4. Rotherham Project This project aimed to provide strategic evidence to inform practice development on child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.
  5. FCASE Evaluation: The International Centre was commissioned to undertake an evaluation of Barnardo's Families and communities against sexual exploitation (FCASE) project.
  6. Making Justice Work: Having received internal investment from the University of Bedfordshire Research Investment Programme, Dr Camille Warrington and Dr Helen Beckett undertook a pilot participatory, action research study exploring how experiences of police investigations and the courts could be improved for those affected by CSE.
  7. Evaluation of Barnardo's Police Service of NI Pilot Missing Initiative: The International Centre was commissioned by Barnardo's NI to undertake an evaluation of a pilot missing initiative that has been developed by the Barnardo's Safe Choices NI service (a specialist CSE and missing service) and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.
  8. ESRC Series: 'Teenagers in Foster Care' The ESRC Seminar Series'Teenagers in Foster Care' ran from 2013 to 2015 and was a collaboration between the Rees Centre at the University of Oxford, Department of Education, the Social Policy and Intervention Department of the University of Oxford, the Institute of Applied Social Research at the University of Bedfordshire and the Department of Social Work at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.
  9. Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation: A Study of Current Practice in London: In autumn 2013, London Councils and the London Safeguarding Children Board commissioned a team of researchers from the University of Bedfordshire to map current responses to child sexual exploitation (CSE) across London.
  10. Research into gang-associated sexual exploitation and sexual violence: The research was commissioned by the Office of the Children's Commissioner for England as part of its Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups. The research aimed to consider:
  11. Four films on gang-associated sexual violence and exploitation made by young people for their peers, professionals and policy makers: We worked with young people from eight different youth projects across England to produce a series of films about what needs to be done to address the issues of gang-associated sexual violence and exploitation.
  12. Evaluation of Barnardo's Safe Accommodation Project for Sexually Exploited and Trafficked Young People: In 2011 Barnardo's received grant funding from the Department for Education to deliver a two-year 'Safe Accommodation Project'.
  13. The 'Be Healthy' Project: This project aimed to empower young people affected by CSE to understand their health needs and share this understanding with others.
  14. MsUnderstood: building local responses to peer-on-peer abuse
  15. Learning Action Partnership to Prevent CSE in Bulgaria: working with the Bulgaria Family Planning Association to develop a 'learning action partnership'
  16. Evaluation of AVA project: empowering young people to challenge domestic and sexual violence
  17. NSPCC Mapping: mapping audit of therapeutic services
  18. Victim Support - Adult Support Services: developing of a model of provision for adults who have experienced child sexual abuse
  19. Pace Evaluation: evaluation of the 'Parents as partners in safeguarding children and young people in Lancashire' programme run by PACE
  20. Nightwatch: CSE In Plain Sight: a 12 month pilot programme working in 12 Local Authority areas across England
  21. Public Health England Literature Review: Public Health England commissioned the International Centre to undertake a review of UK literature on child sexual exploitation and elicit learning of relevance to public health.
  22. The Childrens Social Care Innovation programme: sought to support the development, testing and sharing of effective ways of supporting children who need help from children’s social care services. There was approximately £100m committed to the programme over 2014-16, funding 60+ innovation projects.
  23. Making Noise (CSAFE): This research project focused on the experiences and perspectives of children and young people who have been sexually abused within the family environment.
  24. Our Voices supporting young people's participation in preventing sexual violence across Europe
  25. CSE and Policing Knowledge Hub: This project aimed to develop a knowledge hub to support policing responses to child sexual exploitation (CSE), other forms of sexual abuse and associated vulnerabilities in adolescence.
  26. Policing Models and CSE research on models of policing in child sexual exploitation (CSE), and how they may contribute to improved detection, disruption and prosecution outcomes.
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Completed Projects