Carbon Management Plan

The University’s Carbon Management Plan sets out our strategy and action plan for the reduction of carbon emissions.

It identifies the tangible and intangible benefits of carbon management and describes the governance arrangements to keep the programme on track.

Our institution has already implemented many successful carbon management initiatives in the past ten years and we will continue to build on this success.

Reducing our energy consumption not only reduces carbon emissions but also makes tangible revenue costs savings. This programme therefore contributes directly to our goals of resources efficiently and reducing our operating costs.

Revenue cost savings achieved by carbon reduction and resources efficiency are invested back into the University to improve the student experience.

All stakeholders including students, staff and trade unions are invited to various consultation opportunities, via the Universities Sustainability Steering Group meetings which are held every two months throughout the year.

Progress towards the University’s carbon reduction targets are discussed regularly at the Sustainability Steering Group.

If you wish to engage with the Carbon Management Plan and to have an oversight on its continuing development and implementation, then please contact - Adam Higgin the Sustainability Steering Group (SSG) convenor on 01582 743 835 or email

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