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Faith-sensitive RSE research

In line with the new requirement for relationships and sex education (RSE) to take account of the religious background of pupils, Faiths against Child Sexual Exploitation (FACES; a Luton-based coalition of Christian and Muslim leaders) have commissioned us to elicit young people’s views on what faith-sensitive RSE might look like.

This small scale study will be eliciting the views of young people through:

  • An online survey, conducted through schools and youth groups, and completed by young people from a range of faith traditions.
  • Focus groups with Christian and Muslim young people.

The research seeks to obtain young people’s perspectives and experiences on:

  • The degree to which existing school-based education around relationships and sex (including sexual abuse prevention) considers/is sensitive to issues of faith
  • What faith-sensitive RSE education would look like
  • Any concerns pupils have about the introduction of more faith-sensitive RSE within schools

The work will be published in late Spring/early Summer 2021.

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