Safer Young Lives is part of the Institute of Applied Social Research

Young Researchers' Advisory Panel (YRAP)

Project rationale

We are a group of young adults interested in improving things for young people affected by sexual violence. The YRAP support the Safer Young Lives Research Centre by helping to make sure young people are involved properly at every stage of the research process.

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Our approach

We are committed to:

  • participatory practice
  • young people's involvement in decision making
  • trauma-informed participation grounded in reflective practice
  • a learning culture
  • collaborative practice
  • challenging the marginalisation of young people’s voices
  • improving and promoting safe and ethical involvement of young people in practice, policy and applied research


  1. To embed and develop the role and capacity of the YRAP within the SYLRC and UK-wide CSE and sexual violence research community
  2. To capture and disseminate evidence-based learning about young people’s participation in CSE practice and research
  3. To further develop the YRAP’s role in CSE research by implementing co-produced research on a research priority identified by young people.


The YRAP is currently funded by  the Samworth Trust's Young Voices fund.


Sexual Violence Research Initiative

YRAP members have presented at conferences in the UK and internationally to share our research with wider audiences.


Through our work with other projects at the Safer Young Lives Research Centre, we have produced some useful resources, including these comic postcards created with the Alexi Project on 10 key principles for working with young people affected by CSE.