Editorial - The First Year

Mark Atlay, Director of Teaching and Learning

The first year of life is often a challenge in the endless struggle for survival.  There's the continuous need for food to aid growth, a requirement for play and stimulation to develop strength and skills, and so much to learn and put into practice from observing the world around you. 

I won't extend the analogy by talking about the birthing pains (yes, there were a few) but congratulations the Journal of Pedagogic Development on reaching your first birthday and to all who have contributed to its success – and in some cases may have had a few sleepless nights along the way. 

The JPD provides an excellent vehicle for reflecting on and sharing our pedagogic practices, and with a continued supply of nourishing articles it will continue to develop and evolve.


Academy for Learning and Teaching Excellence
University of Bedfordshire
University Square
Luton, Bedfordshire