Volume 3 Issue 3 - November 2013


Transforming lives and 'the measure of their states' by Mary Malcolm
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Information and Communication Technologies as means for self-improvement at remote universities: the example of Urgench State University, Uzbekistan by Shihova Hasiyat Ismailovna
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An Investigation into Students' Perceptions of Group Assignments by Yongmei Bentley and Shamim Warwick
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Book Reviews by Jennifer P. Gray, Helen Corkill, Mark Atlay, Kate D'Arcy, Steve Briggs and Claire Burgess
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Developing Digital Literacy in Construction Management Education: A Design Thinking Led Approach by Julie Jupp and Ramsey Awad
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Fly on the Wall: Can students' learning be enhanced by allowing them to witness their own summative assessment and feedback event? by Julian Rennie
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Key Pedagogic Thinkers: R. J. Harris by Meg Harris Williams
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Classroom-Based Action Research: Revisiting the Process as Customizable and Meaningful Professional Development for Educators by Craig A. Mertler
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Special Feature

Teaching and Learning Projects

Challenges of developing pedagogy through diversity and equity within the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum by Malini Mistry and Krishan Sood
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Peer Support for Technology-Enhanced Learning: developing a community of learners by Sarah Cousins and Ulrike Dunne
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Self-Directed Learning in Osteopathic Education: identifying and enhancing independent student learning by Mark Waters, James Barkley, Lucia Evans, Kylie Fitzgerald, Fiona Hendry and Sharon Potter
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