Volume 5 Issue 2 - July 2015

By Mary Malcolm
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Fostering Confidence in Critical Thinking and Research Appraisal Skills through Journal Club Participation: An Action Research Study
By Dean Whiting
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Lecturer Autonomy in Educational Institutions and the Challenges of (Human) Development in Nigeria and Africa
By Bellarmine U. Nneji
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Learning and Teaching projects 2013/14 - Final Report - Accounting for Numeracy
By Deborah Maguire
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The Benefits of Using Traditional Martial Arts as an Intervention Programme for Children with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties
By Evangelos Viachos
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'If you learn about these issues, you're going to learn....more about yourself and things that you come in contact with every day': Engaging undergraduate students in meaningful literacy in a research writing course
By Gloria Park and Jocelyn Amevuvor
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Coaching Language: A Key to Student Learning 
By Tina Joy Pitt
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Reaping what you sow. How the University of Bedfordshire uses experienced Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) students to inspire and nurture future generations of PAL Leaders
By Eve Rapley
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CLE Writing Retreat 2015: 8-10 April 2015: Hitchin Priory
By David Mathew
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Book reviews

Book review: Owton, H (2014) Studying as a Parent: A Handbook for Success
Review by Liesl Conradie
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Book review: Mayer, R (2014) Computer Games for Learning: An Evidence Based Approach
Review by Rob Manton
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Book review: Themi, T (2014) Lacan's Ethics and Nietzche's Critique of Platonism
Review by David Mathew
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Book review: Chowdhury, G., Ruthven, I., (eds) (2015) Cultural Heritage Information: Access and Management
Review by Alan Bullimore
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