Volume 4 Issue 3



Preventing Too Little Too Late: A Novel Process of Continuous Curriculum Evaluation by Claire L. Coleburn and Linda Jones
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Helping Students Connect: Architecting Learning Spaces for Experiential and Transactional Reflection by Daniel J. Weinstein and Gloria Park
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Key Pedagogic Thinkers - Dave Cormier by Maha Bali and Sarah Honeychurch
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Book Reviews

'Peer Review of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: International Perspectives by Judyth Sachs and Mitch Parsell'  Review by Nicola Darwood
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'English and Reflective Writing Skills in Medicine by Clive Handler, Charlotte Handler and Deborah Gill' Review by Carol Parker
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'No-Nonsense Guide to Training in Libraries by Barbara Allen' Review by Alan Bullimore
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'Official Knowledge: Democratic Education in a Conservative Age (3rd Edition) by Michael W. Apple' Review by Kate D'Arcy
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'Success in Academic Writing by Trevor Day' Review by Carol Matthews
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'The Imperial University by Piya Chatterjee and Sumaina Maira' Review by Ian McDonald
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'Philology: The Forgotten Origins of the Modern Humanities by James Turner' Review by Andrew Doig
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Review Article

Growing Environmental Education & Sustainability Within Universities by Diana J. Pritchard
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Language Centre Online (and beyond) by Kristina Narvet
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Harkness Learning: Principles of a Radical American Pedagogy by Guy J. Williams
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A methodology for enhancing student writing in the discipline through complimentary and collaborative working between central and school based writing development provision by Sarah Johnson and Siân Trafford
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Internationalisation and curriculum development: why and how by Pollyanna Magne
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