Below are just a number of questions we are asked. If you need further information them email the team at competitivesport@beds.ac.uk

For the 2023/24 season, we have the following:

Competitive Teams Development Teams
  • Archery
  • Athletics
  • Badminton - Men's
  • Basketball - Men's
  • Cheerleading
  • Football - Men's and Women's
  • Futsal - Men's
  • Hockey - Women's
  • Netball
  • Rugby Union - Men's
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball - Men's and Women's
  • Basketball - Women's
  • Rugby Union - Women's

We also enter students into individual BUCS competition. So if you want to represent the University in your chosen sport, get in touch.

Each team’s training time and location can be found in their area of the website, teams train on the Bedford campus and also use external facilities to the campus.

If there currently isn’t something for you, we can look to help you either start up a team or enter into an individual event. The first step is to make sure that the sport/event is on the list of BUCS sports. This list can be found at BUCS Sports

Once you know this, then get in touch with the competitive sport staff at competitivesport@beds.ac.uk and we can help with the rest.

Currently, all Luton-based sports members have their travel to and from training and fixtures provided for them. Each year the timings and vehicle size can differ so make sure you keep in touch with the committee from each team for updates.

For those one other campuses get in touch and we can see what help can be given

For the majority of team sports, fixtures are held on Wednesday afternoons and evenings, this is known a BUCS Wednesday. Historically, Futsal is held on weekends and this is also the case for competition sports such as Archery and Athletics.

Weekly fixtures will be held in league and cup format and these will be against other institutions in the East Midlands region. This includes Universities such as Loughborough, Nottingham, Nottingham Trent and De Montfort.

Competition events are hosted as a central venue with universities across the country attending. Some of these events even attract Olympic athletes.

Once you have paid the membership and signed up to BUCS Play (Where relevant) you are then part of that club. Some teams will hold trials at the start of the season to make sure you know when these are.

We would advise attending training and speaking with the team before you pay for your membership

BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) is the organisation that governs university sports across the country. They work with NGBs and member institutions to put on of the biggest HE sports programmes in the world. Not all sports are included in the BUCS Programme and it’s this sporting list that the University of Bedfordshire uses to determine which sports we can and cannot run.

For more information visit BUCS

This is the platform that was introduced in the 2019/20 season to help with fixture and competition administration. It also gives teams a place to communicate with members, create calendar events and submit team sheets.

Excluding Cheerleading, every sport will use the BUCS Play system and all members must be on the platform to compete. Those who compete in a league throughout the season can sign up and find their team now. Those in competition-based teams will need to be on the platform when their event opens.

The BUCS Play App can be downloaded from the App Store on any smartphone.

Teams and individuals can start training as early as the last week in September with fixtures and events starting in October. Most fixtures and events will finish before the Easter break in April. There are some events that go ahead outside of these months, make sure you look on the BUCS website for these.

You do not have to compete no. However, as of November 1st, you must have a membership if you still wish to train.

If you are just looking to keep fit, there is a gym on both the Luton and Bedford campuses. We also have a recreational programme that runs throughout the year, this is known as the Get Active programme. For more information about these, visit University of Bedfordshire Sport 

Towards the end of the year, all the committee positions will be free for any member to put their name forward. Each team should then hold an in-house election to decide who gets which position.

All members have an equal right to put their name forward for any position. The voting on these positions should always be fair and all members should be given time to vote.

The fee this year will be £80.

Visit our membership page for more information

In order to train and compete, you must purchase a membership. If any non-members were found to be training or competing, the individual and the team could be faced with a disciplinary

Everything that you need to train and compete shall be provided for you. This includes (but not limited to):

Travel, Insurance, Entry Fees, Affiliations/Licenses, Accommodation (where applicable), Officials, Match Day Kit, Match ball, Training Aids, Sport Therapists

Personal equipment such as hockey sticks, boots and racquets etc. are not provided.

Visit our membership page for more information

Our exclusive kit provider, Akuma, sets up and manages an online store for each team. Here you will find all the stash that your team have chosen. If there is something else you are looking for, get in touch with the competitive sports teams. 

Website for Kit: Akuma Shop for University of Bedfordshire

Password: Beds-2020

Yes. Only current University of Bedfordshire students are eligible to train and compete for the teams.

Have a look at BUCS REG 4 Individual Eligibility for more information

Yes. Our teams all follow the rules and regulations set by BUCS. There are a number of criteria that students can meet in order to be eligible to compete in a competition. Even though Cheerleading is not governed by BUCS, this club will still need to follow its rules and regulations.

Have a look at BUCS REG 4 Individual Eligibility for more information

If you have any questions, please email competitivesport@beds.ac.uk

University studies should always be put before any sporting events. Therefore, our advice would be to speak to your lecturer to see if there is anything that can be done to help you compete without it impacting your studies.

We would never recommend skipping studies to compete.

Find us on social media @bedsunisport

Alternatively, email our competitive sports team at competitivesport@beds.ac.uk

Contact Sport

sport@beds.ac.uk - for Aspire Gym and booking enquiries

getactive@beds.ac.uk - for anything to do with the Get Active Programme

coaching@beds.ac.uk - for more information about our coaching courses, or to book onto a course

sportscholarships@beds.ac.uk - for questions regarding our Sport Scholarships