Terms & Conditions

Get Active Terms and Conditions

General Terms

  • In order to become a Get Active member an account must be created via the Gym and Get Active membership link
  • Members are entitled to attend sessions at either Bedford or Luton campuses.
  • Members must be a current staff or student of the University of Bedfordshire.
  • All members must inform the Get Active should they have any medical conditions that could affect their ability to safely take part in the programme.
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn for any activity undertaken in the Get Active programme.
  • The consumption of food is prohibited in any of the sessions.
  • Before attending sessions, members must book on via the EZfacility booking platform or app (this may differ for some of the sessions off campus).
  • Get Active sessions have limited spaces available and will be allocated on a first booked bases.
  • Regular Sessions can only be booked up to two weeks in advance.
  • If members are no longer able to attend a session, cancelation of the booking must be conducted via the app or their EZfacility account.
  • Repeated failure to cancel any session offered by the Get Active Programme will result in:

      - 2 missed sessions in a 6 week period and members will be contacted.

      - 3 missed sessions in a 6 week period and memberships will be temporarily frozen.

  • Repeated failure to attend or cancel the experiences will result in:

      - 1 missed experience - the member will be contacted.

      - 2 missed experiences – membership will be frozen temporarily.

  • Members must show due consideration for others when attending Get Active sessions. In particular members must refrain from using abusive language and threat or use of violent behaviour. Membership may be terminated if found guilty of serious misconduct or consistent breach of these conditions.
  • The University reserves the right to prevent members from participating in Get Active sessions and/or tasters should behaviour and/or appearance be deemed unsuitable.
  • The University uses external venues for some of the Get Active sessions, and are subject to their Terms and conditions.
  • The University is subject to external venue changes, timings and may be affected by bank holidays and holiday periods.
  • The Get Active session timings will vary between Bedford and Luton and may be affected by bank holidays and holiday periods.
  • Get Active is subject to changes at any given moment.

Session Specific Terms

Aspire Gym sessions

  • The consumption of food is prohibited in the Gyms.
  • Bags are prohibited in the gym. Bags can be placed in the available lockers. Lockers must be emptied after use.



  • In order to attend Luton swimming session’s members must purchase an Active Luton ‘Go 4 Less’ card. This can be done at one of the external venues.
  • You can just turn up and attend using your Get Active Membership – ensure you have your Go 4 Less card with you and your University ID. (Please check their latest timetable for timings as this can regularly change)
  • A List of names is sent to the Get Active Officer every month. Those who attend and are not currently a staff or student at the University will be refused entry using your Get Active Membership.

Online sessions

  • Some sessions may be delivered online. Sufficient Space allocation to take part in these session is down to the member to organise.

Rights to Terminate

  • Members may terminate their membership at any time and can do so by deleting their account.
  • Memberships may be terminated if a member provides false information and this false declaration would have reasonably affected the decision to grant membership.
  • When a member of staff leaves the University, their membership will be terminated on their last day of employment.
  • If a student leaves/suspends their studies, their membership will be terminated on the date which is recorded on the student record system (SITS) as their official date of withdrawal/suspension from their studies.

Insurance and liability

  • The University will not accept liability for loss or damage of property placed or left on the University or external premises.
  • The University will ensure the booking facilities on the Luton and Bedford campus are safe and all equipment meets manufacturer guidance.
  • The University will ensure that all external venues used have sufficient liability cover.

Exclusion of Liability

The University of Bedfordshire will compensate members for loss or damage suffered if it fails to carry out obligations of this agreement or breach any duties imposed by law (including if death or personal injury is caused to you by negligence). University of Bedfordshire will not be held liable if:

  1. The member is at fault.
  2. A third party unconnected with our provision of services is at fault.
  3. Events which neither the University nor our suppliers could have foreseen or prevented even if all reasonable care had been taken.



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sport@beds.ac.uk - for Aspire Gym and booking enquiries

getactive@beds.ac.uk - for anything to do with the Get Active Programme

coaching@beds.ac.uk - for more information about our coaching courses, or to book onto a course

sportscholarships@beds.ac.uk - for questions regarding our Sport Scholarships