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Volume 3 Issue 1 - March 2013


Guest Editorial by Bill Rammell
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Cross-cultural collaboration with China by M. James C. Crabbe
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Volunteer tourism and architecture students: What motivates and can best prepare them? by Ramsey Awad, Justine Chambers and Julie Jupp
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The impact of an In-Service Professional Development Course on Writing Teaching Attitudes and Pedagogy by Yin Ling Cheung
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Key Pedagogic Thinkers: Maria Cecilia Calani Baranauskas by Roberto Pereira
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Special feature 

Papers invited following the Postgraduate Conference, University of Bedfordshire, July 2012

A multi-dimensional approach to principalship by Steve Lambert
Download article in - PDF 585.6 KB

Teachers' views on the introduction and implementation of literacy tasks in the Year 7 Science scheme of learning by Rebecca Daw
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Teachers and Research: What they value and what they do by Richard Procter
Download article in - PDF 426.3 KB

Reflecting on Professional Practice: The Importance of Motivating Adolescent Girls in Physical Education by Lucy Crane
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Book reviews by Eve Rapley, Helen Corkill, Ann Hedges and David Mathew
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Resilience in Adult Learners: some pedagogical implications by Elizabeth Chapman Hoult
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Enhancing learner knowledge and the application of that knowledge via computer based assessment by Lynne Reynolds
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Volume 3 Issue 1 - March 2013