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I'm the Studio Floor Manager at QVC.

While I was doing my final year project I applied for the QVC Floor Manager Internship. I was lucky enough to get a place there for 5 weeks. Towards the end of my 5 weeks I was offered a 6 month contract, and was then offered a permanent contract. I have now been there for over a year, have received supervisor training, and have been able to work on higher skilled shows with higher personnel. I am forever grateful for this opportunity that was supplied by my then lecturers Kathryn Wolfe and Anthony Greenbank.

During my university projects, I worked with a lot of presenters in media performance and outside guests for projects. This has helped a lot with my job as I deal with a vast amount of people on a day-to-day basis. 

I was given a lot of opportunities during my time and I was supported the whole way from all my lecturers. 


My final year project, everything I had been working towards from 1st year, it all made it worth it. I enjoyed it thoroughly through the stress and I think it highlighted everything I learned. 

Keep going, don’t give up. Even if you get a few knock downs, keep trying. Someone will say yes. Don’t wait till you graduate, get the ball rolling now. It’ll make it easier after!


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