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Due to family commitments, I applied for universities which were within a reasonable commuting distance from my home.  I accepted an offer for UOB after attending an open day, the lecturers were approachable and passionate, and the size of classes would be small in comparison to others. Additionally, UOB allowed for students to gain an extra qualification -the Higher Diploma in Paralegal Practice if certain electives are chosen. I was interested in this.

I am currently employed full-time as a Business Intelligence Administrator. I am due to Graduate from the LPC/LLM in the Autumn of this year.

Following on from graduation, I enrolled on the LPC/LLM Course at De Montfort University as a full- time student. However, due to Covid restrictions coming back into place and having young children, I transferred onto the part-time course. I currently attend University in person for one weekend each month.

This course really does prepare you for the next step. The course is designed to develop your academic ability to research areas of law but also to put many areas of law into practice. I felt that the assessments were well balanced to ensure that I gained practical knowledge alongside theoretical knowledge. I used this course to prepare me for the future and ensured that the electives I took would benefit me. I took pre-litigation, the law of evidence and wills and probate electives as they are all areas of law that are developed further on the LPC. Public speaking, drafting of documents and researching are all important skills that I gained as an undergraduate that I continue to use today as a student and in employment.

In my final year, I joined the Refugee Legal Assistance Project (RLAP) for one semester.  In hindsight, I would have become involved in this project earlier and explored other extra-curricular activities, such as the law clinic. It is participating in these activities which allows a student to gain first-hand experience and apply the legal skills they have learnt.

My advice to all prospective students is to attend and participate in the lectures and seminars. There are certain areas of law that will be more interesting than others, but it is important to split your time evenly when planning for classes. It is very easy for the workload to become too much if you are always on catch up. Additionally, preparation allows you to interact with the lecturers who are always willing to provide ongoing support and ensure that you receive the most out of your time as a student.  

Once you have settled into the course, try to get involved in at least one extra-curriculum activity. This will develop your legal skills and allow you to gain practical experience.

Overall, do not put too much pressure on yourself!


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