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I work as a Transmission Networks Designer for Telefonica (O2)

It was a great experience studying at the University of Bedfordshire; the teaching quality and the academics were extremely supportive. The MSc from Bedfordshire actually transformed me professionally, especially my understanding of the financial side of the technology and the impact it has on businesses. I have enjoyed all the roles I have undertaken since University, and I am excited to see what else lies ahead.

The MSc from UoB actually transformed me professionally, especially in understanding the financial side of the technology and impact it has on the business of all sorts.

It was just BRILLIANT. The lecturers, SiD desk and all the university staff provided amazing support. They extended superb support throughout the course. I just don’t have enough words to explain how much I am thankful to UoB for all their support. 


It was actually everything, but especially when we were staying late in the library and preparing for exams - we had lots of laughs. Graduation was also a very special occasion, it was a nice sunny day and I enjoyed it a lot.

Study hard, stay focused, learn more about reporting (Microsoft office suite etc.), develop your interpersonal skills, and take every challenge as a new learning experience.


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