I’m Oliver Morgan-Kavanaugh, I’m from Plymouth originally and I studied an LLB in law and a master’s in international business law at the University of Bedfordshire.

I work in the commercial department in the Navy, I deliver contracts on behalf of the Secretary of State for Defence. I manage a small team to develop and refine defence contracts and engage with government & defence companies to deliver contracts for a range of goods and services for the Navy.

Since graduation I moved to Portsmouth, found work with the MOD working on and delivering defence contracts.

The skills I learned doing both my bachelor’s and my masters has equipped me with a myriad of essential skills. In my day-to-day I read and pick apart contracts, ensuring that the wording is unambiguous and that the MOD is suitably protected in its dealings. The teaching I had around mooting and legal practice gave me applicable skills that have aided me in negotiation with companies and when applying for work.
And even in my day-to-day life knowing what my rights are and knowing where to look to find out the answers to legal issues I have faced has helped when dealing with landlords and employers.

In my final year I put in less effort than I should have and as a result I was 2% off a 1st class degree. If I could do my third year again I would put in more effort to the modules I could have improved on to achieve a 1st class degree.

University is an odd time, for many it is the first time away from their parents and things are a little disorienting. But it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Ultimately you get out what you put in, so dive in with both feet; make friends, experience everything you can, do the extra curriculars that are offered and maybe even get a job in the uni. And if things get tough there is a ton of support around. There is nothing like the freedom you have when you are at UoB, you can make it whatever you want, make a name for yourself, put your stamp on things and maybe even leave a mark on the department.
And apply to the Refugee Legal Aid Project, put those skills to use to make a real difference to people’s lives.


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