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I'm a Conference Assistant at the Cambridge University Press and Career Adviser/Student Ambassador at Oxfordon.

When I left the University of Bedfordshire, I immediately got a job at the Cambridge University Press. I moved to Cambridge from Luton to study Consumer Psychology MA at Anglia Ruskin University. There I am furthering my education, as well as experience. Currently I am a Freelance Career Adviser for Oxfordon Company (Polish agency who are recruiting students to English universities) as well as a volunteering in Born to be Beautiful charity where I am a Communication and Media Team Leader. I got this volunteering position to gain more experience in marketing and social media as well as to help girls in Uganda and India who are experiencing poverty and slavery, and the B2bB charity is offering them beauty therapy training so that they can make their own business and earn money to survive and live better lives. I hope to finish my Masters in September 2020, and then I’m planning to apply to a bigger corporation to work in the consumer insight or marketing department.

My Psychology course gave me the foundation of an understanding of human behaviour, which is crucial in every career. No matter what career path I will go into in the future, psychology will definitely be helpful to understand any kind of human interaction and consumer's thinking. This course gave me confidence that no matter what, psychology will be recognised as a universal knowledge that is always in demand. 

My personal tutor was my first person I would go to. If he did not know, I would go to the SiD desk and they were very helpful, as were the International Office.


Extra-curricular activities such as volunteering at Green House Mentoring and additional Public Speaking Classes with Paul Owen. 

Get as much as you can from the additional activities that university offers, such as: extra-curricular classes, trips, events, networking, internships and volunteering. Experience is crucial when looking for your dream job later. Imagine where you want to be in 10 years and think about your experience backwards. Then, identify your steps and sequence to achieve your goal. It is that easy. Use University resources such as the careers office, especially if you want to leave the University full of knowledge and relevant work experience. University time is a growth time. Use it wisely.


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