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I'm the CEO/Executive Head Teacher at The Pegasus Partnership Trust

I knew my passion and career was in making a difference in the lives of children. From the first NQT job, to where I am now, I have worked with so many amazing children and families and inspiring staff. I have been able to see the difference I was able to make with a class of 30 when I started, to today where I can now make that difference across a Multi-Academy Trust with nearly 1500 children, 200 staff and hundreds of families. I feel our purpose in life is to make a difference and I feel privileged to be in the role I am in and grateful to the community I lead.

I was given a depth and breadth of both subject knowledge and pedagogy. The schools around Bedfordshire were inspiring with teachers who mentored and developed me. The course gave the theory and practical ideas which we could put into action in the classroom.

The library and resource centre was a lifeline - from the books we could use in class, to the academic literature to develop our knowledge, to being shown how to laminate (essential Primary teacher skill!). The staff were supportive, but challenging as they wanted us to be the best we could be and make that difference to the children we will teach.


Obviously all the lectures :-) (plus there was a great social aspect!)

Know what you want to achieve. Identify your moral purpose. Put everything into being your best self - then you can bring the best out of others.


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