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Currently I am working at Maldives Food and Drug Authority as the Director Pharmaceuticals.

This Degree helped me to increase and gain my knowledge to manage my daily work and glad that currently I am holding one of the posts of the executive level.

The individual modules of the MBA course of University of Bedfordshire made me understand more about the sector and how to manage the situations easily at the current job.

The course coordinator, module coordinators, great lecturers and the admin staff of UOB were impressively helpful with the best of their ability and knowledge in all the ways they could throughout my MBA journey at University of Bedfordshire.


Not only one memory it is...It was a package of the best memories in University life. But the moment, receiving the miraculous result of the final theses was just an unbelievable moment with a great memory.

“Keep going! Hard work will lead to success”.

Try with University of Bedfordshire :)


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