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I work as a Social Security Investigator and Policy maker for a Swedish Government Agency

After graduation in 2016 I relocated to Scandinavia. I started my career at the Government Migration Agency working as an immigration officer. After that, I continued my career within different departments of government agencies, and I have been permanently employed since 2017 with great benefits.

The course was very relevant to today’s society with a broad spectrum that can be applied within many fields. The analytical elements set the foundation for all work and criminologists are very attractive on the job market today. 

The support I received during my studies kept me grounded and focused. My lecturers motivated and supported me and the university’s broad range of lectures, field trips and open days really offered a wide variety of activities to prepare me well for life after university. SiD provided emotional support and the university offered employment, which was great work experience for when I graduated. The 24-hour library created great flexibility to take advantage of every hour for studying and met everyone’s different study styles and times. 


In my International Criminal Law unit we participated in a charity event called Remembering Srebrenica where we received the opportunity to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina to witness first hand the effects of genocide. This is an experience that humbled me and I am grateful to have been a part of something so important; very relevant in my field of work today. 

Take advantage of all the support and opportunities the university provides. Balance hard work with play and enjoy every moment. I thoroughly loved my time and am so grateful because it set the pavements of my future.


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