Luke Peterson

“My degree gave me the skills necessary to become a reporter and introduced me to a whole host of different types of writing.”

Luke Peterson, graduated 2015, BA (Hons) in Sport Journalism and MA in International Journalism

Luke Peterson

The skills that Luke Peterson gained while studying Journalism at Bedfordshire meant he could move into the realms of public relations.

Luke, 26, obtained a Sports Journalism degree in 2013 followed by an MA in International Journalism in 2015. After stints of working in local and regional journalism, he made the move into public relations and is now the Communications & Content Officer at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Trust.

“I started my career writing match reports and interviewing sports stars, and now I promote veterinary science. Having this range of experience means my current team trusts me to lead our communications - my role is actually that of a manager.”

During his studies, Luke was also able to hone his skills while working in the University’s in-house press office as a Communications Officer.

“While studying for my Masters, I was introduced to the Head of Communications at the University, who persuaded me to join the world of PR by joining the press office. From there, I gained experience in the field and eventually secured my current role,” said Luke.

“My lecturers were incredibly supportive, even if they weren’t strictly assigned to me as personal tutors. They always placed great emphasis on teaching you ‘how’ to learn, rather than just ‘what’ to learn.”

These opportunities, as well as his academic studies, meant that Luke was able to gain transferrable skills that could be applied to the realms of journalism and public relations.

“My degree gave me the skills necessary to become a reporter and introduced me to a whole host of different types of writing,” said Luke, who is originally from the Netherlands and now lives in London.

“My Masters allowed me to put this understanding into practice and context - essential for someone tasked with communicating. The beauty of the degrees at Bedfordshire is that they contain units that allow you to branch out, expand your skill set and open up new career opportunities.

“By going to university, you can tailor your career to suit you.”


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