Student Health Advice for new and returning students

Meningococcal disease is a rare but life threatening disease that occurs mainly in young children and young adults. The University of Bedfordshire would like to highlight to all students the importance of having a Meningitis vaccination to protect against the disease.

If you were born in the UK it is likely you had a Meningitis vaccination as a young child, but immunity to the disease decreases over time. We would encourage you to ask your GP (doctor) if you are up to date with this, and all immunisations, and to get boosters if necessary.

Find out more information about the Meningitis vaccination at NHS Choices

Measles and the MMR Vaccine

Public Health England (PHE) also recommends that students have up to date measles and mumps vaccinations. Check with your GP to find out your immunisation status. You may need the vaccination or a booster if you were vaccinated as a child.

Find out more at NHS Choices

Registering with a local GP

If you have not registered with a local doctor (GP) yet please do so. Do not leave this until you are unwell. Registration with any GP surgery is free but you can only register with one GP / Health Centre at any time.

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